Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's Play Catch Up

Well hello,

It's been quite a while since I have posted, and yes I have posted some images that I have been working on, but I haven't had much energy to actually write where the hell I've been these past few monthsss...7 months. So I guess I will do a quick catch here, but I vow to stick with it and challenge myself to post at least once a week. You heard it here folks, so now I have no choice but to continue.

Anywho, well this past May 2010, I officially graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with my Master's of Science degree in Biomedical Visualization. Who knew how fast two years truly goes. I still can not believe it is actually over. It was quite sad saying goodbye to most of my classmates, as we all ventured off to our new adventures called, "Entering the Real World."

However, I was unlike most of my fellow students who were looking for jobs even before graduation. Those who know me knew that my beloved Grandmother also known as, Gramcracker, had been very ill.

Once I graduated, my grams took a turn for the worse and I moved back home to spend what little time we had left together. I have never personally experienced losing a loved one before, and I don't think anyone can prepare you for it, but it truly felt surreal. I mean, my grams lived in our neighborhood. I don't remember a time when she wasn't around. We all considered her our family photographer, and she always seemed to capture those moments that most did not even consider capturing. She had quite an artistic eye, and I feel so grateful that I inherited some of that gene. She was a painter, a gardener, and a very proud Scottish woman. And, she was a person that always kept her faith, and never lost hope. She cherished every moment, and even at her weakest, she found some way to crack a joke and makes us feel better. But, that is way I loved her so much, and miss her every single day. When I was going through her studio, I found so many paintings that she had never shown probably anybody that I thought were so beautiful. I am getting a few matted and framed and planning on passing them out to the grandchildren, so we can see a little piece of her everyday. Her work deserves to be shown and admired, and I will be taking some pictures of her work and posting a few for you all to see how talented she was. I love and miss her always,

Miss Maggie Malott: July 31 1931 - July 26 2010

I will continue this post ASAP, and tell you how I got my first job as a medical animator.

Good night and have a Happy Valentines weekend. Cherish who ever you love, and live for the moments.

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